Friday, May 1, 2009

Biodroga facial - a mi Casa on Jl. Benda, Jakarta

As I've mentioned in a previous post, Entra a mi Casa (now, a mi Casa) is my favourite place to go to for pedicures and a manicures in Jakarta.

a mi Casa
Jl. Benda Raya no. 17,
Kemang, Jakarta Seletan
Phone: +62 21 7806 222

Now it is also my favourite place for facials.

As per previous posts about facials, I am always after a salon that uses good international skin care products as well as facial equipment. Oh, and don't forget the massage part ;-)

I am very happy to write about my fantastic experience at a mi Casa salon & spa and I highly recommend trying them for your next facial.

The Spa has private therapy rooms where you can really relax and unwind while the therapist works her magic.

The Balinese style spa has a terrific atmosphere with Balinese music playing and true sense of serenity. You change into a batik sarong and have your feet washed before you lie down for the most heavenly facial, including a 15min massage and later a hand and foot massage while you relax with the mask on your face.

Or is the real magic really the products they use?

They have a choice of 3 products, French, German or a local product. I opted for the German product called Biodroga.

I am not usually keen on whitening products but the therapist (Ibu Sumi) recommended I try the Biodroga Whitening facial at Rp. 300,000. This would apparently help with the breakouts and to lighten the dark spots/acne scaring on my face (Yes, I pick).

She suggested I go for a facial every two weeks if I want to really notice a difference in my skins appearance.

So after my second facial today, I can report that I do think my skin looks smoother, especially on my cheeks where I've been struggling with breakouts. And the couple of dark marks I had are definitely lighter than 2 weeks ago.

I look forward to my next facial, in 2 weeks and really hope that the Therapist is right and that I will soon have that soft, flawless skin that I've been dreaming of.


Starfishey said...

Hi Adele, just wanted to thank you for your review of this place. I was wondering where to take my friend, visiting from Singapore, for a facial and I came across your blog. She loved it! Had a facial, creambath and manicure/pedicure for an unbeatable price. Thanks again for the recommendation.

Olivia said...

Hi Adele, my husband is loving this Salon. He highly recommends me for the facial and massage as well. Not dissapointing at all..!

Chuzai Living said...

I stumble upon your blog while I was looking for the address for a Mi Casa. I love their pedicure as well. Great blog about beauty! I need to come to you and learn more about how to take care of myself!