Wednesday, July 23, 2008

L'Occotane - Immortelle Very Precious Cream

I started my search for skin care products in May, and tried many different samples and did a lot of research; looking at reviews trying to decide on a product.

I wanted something that will help with my occasional breakouts but I also figured being 30 something, calls for a really good anti-aging cream. And though it is believed that products work better when you use the same range of products I decided to mix them anyway. I decided on the L'Occotane Immortelle products but when I saw the prices of the products I decided to only get the very precious cream and very precious eye serum, which set me back approx. $160 and to go for a less expensive Paula's Choice cleanser, toner and exfoliator for approx. $60

And the verdict is; I love the L'Occotane very precious cream and eye serum. Definitely money well spent.
The very precious eye serum seems to make the skin around my eyes more even-toned, smooth and firmer.
The very precious cream appears to eliminate my crow's feet and fine lines and leaves my skin soft and supple. This anti aging formula uses organic Immortelle oil which help stimulate cell metabolism, improve wrinkle reduction and skin firmness. It feels like the cream really nourishes and repairs and it gives my skin a healthy appearance.
It's a fact of life; we get older and our wrinkles prove it. We have to accept it but it doesn't mean we have to like it. Not that there is a rule as to how many laugh lines, crow's feet a 32 year old should have but I noticed mine after 30. I believe prevention is better than cure. I probably started using eye cream when I was 25 and whether or not it actually works, I don't know but I will always use an eye cream and very importantly apply sunblock, every day to try and fight those signs of aging. Aiming to grow old, gracefully.

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Sophia, L'Occitane USA said...

Dear Adéle,

Thank you so much for your post on the Very Precious Cream and Very Precious Eye Serum. We're absolutely elated that you're enjoying the products. I must say that personally, nightly use of the Very Precious Cream significantly helped me with the occasional breakout.

Thank you so much and take care!

All the best,
Sophia, L'Occitane USA